Admission Assistant

Ai Powered Responses to Admission Queries is an AI powered Chatbot built exclusively for schools, colleges universities and other educational instituitions. Askadmissions can answer queries from potential candidates and parents in free flowing conversations on your website and on WhatsApp

Why Askadmissions?

Better Conversation Coverage. Designed ground up to engage prospects in free flowing conversation, AskAdmissions can handle questions on Admissions, Campus Life, Fee, Academics and more.

Platform Independent. Configure once, engage on your Website and Whatsapp alike.

Built for Tracking, Automation & Predictions. Institutions can track engagements, sign ups, admissions applications from their dashboard. Dashboard itself is equipped with Robotic Automation that helps administrators automate minor tasks and focus on customer engagement.

Chatbot for school admissions

The Bot has an integrated payment gateway that can collect the payments in INR & USD & collects the payment on your behalf and repatriate the payment to the brand within 7 business days. Only the transaction fee as levied by the payment gateways plus 1% admin charges would be deducted from the payment. Refund due to cancellation will be handled by you

chatbot for college admission enquiries

From an operations standpoint , you don’t have to worry  at all. You need to provide us the answers to standard set of questions that would be uploaded on to our super bot and we take care of  training the bot.

automated chatbot for universities

You can allocate the rooms of each type using our back end CRM application. We soon will be launching the integration with popular Channel Managers that will help you to manage your allocation from one interface. You can use this CRM to allocate deals and other promotional campaigns on the Bot to gather responses and leads.

ai powerd chatbot for engineering colleges

With right set of details , it will not take more than 7 days to implement the Bot on to your website. It would take a small software script  to be inserted into your website for making the bot up and running on your website.

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