Power of Whatsapp conversations for education

Whatsapp chatbot module as a part of askadmissions.ai suite helps schools to trigger whatsapp HSM - highly structured messages and respond to student and parent queries in session conversations.



   Can Universities and Institutions engage students through Whatsapp ?
Whatsapp as a student engagement channel has two great advantages. 1. Whatsapp is ubiquitous. Students are familiar with it, even if they aren't, they can adapt to it intuitively. 2. Whatsapp implicitly provides users identity and some level of confidentiality. This helps administrators provide personalised responses. Data like grades, fee dues, bonafide credentials will need to be provided after ensuring student identity.
   Can a chatbot operate behind whatsapp ?
Yes. Whatsapp opened up API access to conversations in Aug 2018. Institutions like any other business can now apply for a Whatsapp business channel with API access. AskAdmissions has enabled more than a dozen institutions with Whatsapp.
   Can human agents and bot agent share the same channel ?
Yes, but this may not work out of box . Human agent needs to access chat sessions from a common console and may not be able to send responses through whatsapp window.